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SEO Monitoring

Search engines are the consumers first port of call, ensuring your business or brand appears is critical. There are countless techniques to optimise your website to feature highly on search engines, but tracking those results is critical in finding which technique works best.

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With our industry standard analytics platform we can provide in depth SEO data along with social media and email integrations. Good marketing is all about understanding your demographic, with our toolkit of integrations we compile reports on session data, keyword tracking, back-linking, site auditing and so much more.

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SEO Monitoring

With so many factors affecting your websites search engine rankings its critical you can track every aspect of it. Our platform allows you to take search engine optimisation tracking and analytics to the next level.

We run various integrations to allow us to track your websites google rankings, monitor your user sessions (including page views and durations) and even your social media and email marketing campaigns.

Add to this a comprehensive site audit tool and back link tracking, you have the ultimate SEO monitoring tool. We keep you updated with weekly and monthly reports giving you the information you need.